Synergy Network
The Synergy Network is a secure online ‘community engagement’ platform that provides both a mobile and web presence, as well as, an array of cutting edge tools or custom development, to connect your company, franchisees, vendors and customers … delivering a personalized unique experience to each member as they prefer.A secure cloud-based system utilizing a social media profile to provide a flexible secure enterprise platform that can be customized to support and grow your business. It enables real-time communication through text, inmail and video conferencing to reach all employees, vendors, and customers as needed and as they prefer.The network connects execs, departments, franchises, workgroups, facilitating insight, reporting, and data accessibility. It reduces the number of disparate systems needed, increasing business model efficiency. It is a website, mobile application, intranet - and whatever system or idea is required for your next chapter.Network Advantages: - The unique community engagement platform- Quick deployment of dynamic enterprise-level web-portal and mobile application.- Inclusion of fully integrated mobile app with unified CMS.- Communication tools for real-time contact.- Built for scalability supporting 10 to 100,000 users.- Expandable to include over 30 modules, eliminating the need for disparate systems and expense.- Ongoing support & development by 200+ developers from a veteran tech company with 20 years of experience.