Infogroup Data Licensing Network
Infogroup Data Licensing is the leader and trusted source of high-value business data used by our clients to power their local search, navigation, and marketing applications. Our clients are market leaders in their space and world-class data is critical to their success. It's the difference between an outstanding customer experience and an average one. It's the difference between exceptional ROI and a campaign that falls flat. It's the difference between understanding your marketplace precisely and merely having a sense of it.Infogroup Data Licensing Network is an exclusive platform that contains all the information about the association itself and the community formed around and inside it. Here you can check all the past, ongoing, and upcoming events, get in touch with Infogroup Experts, Partners, Conference Speakers etc., and keep yourself updated about the most prominent news of the Network. Our goal is to connect all the people who share the same opinions, ideas and interests as well as companies operating in this industry to create a strong global community.