Ukrainians in the UAE Organized Thematic Meeting About Children's Rights 

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On the occasion of Children's Day, Ukrainian women's initiative in the UAE and Ukrainian weekend school "Dyvosvit" with the assistance of the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Arab Emirates held a thematic meeting "Understanding children's rights: legal and psychological dimensions".

Participants had an extraordinary opportunity to receive interesting information from qualified lecturers - Mariana Yevsyukova and Larisa Hnatyshyn. 

In particular, comparing the legislation of Ukraine and the UAE, they learned who can be considered a child, children’s rights, how the Law on child protection "Wadeema’s Law" appeared in the UAE, that the age of criminal responsibility in the UAE begins at 7, and many other interesting legal aspects.

The second part was a discussion of the importance of proper communication between parents and their children, which will positively affect their formation as individuals and life paths.


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