Ukrainians in Finland Organized A Charity Football Tournament

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On Saturday, June 18, 2022, "Unity Cup" charity football tournament took place in Helsinki, organized by the Ukrainian Association in Finland.

Eleven teams from Finland, Germany (not only Ukrainian) competed for the victory.

List of teams participating in the event: Finnish "Inter Mamut" (captain - Dmitry Platonenko), German FC "Germania Helsinki" (captain - Sebastian Suchodolski), "Cynical Bandera" (captain - Oleksandr Puzyrny), "NJ Rebar Helsinki" (captain - Oleksiy Potemkin), “Helsinki Cossacks” (captain - Mykhailo Gordienko), “Trident Laitila” (captain - Oleksandr Ryabiy), “LITANA Turku” (captain – Vladiyslav Tsarinny), “3 Time Turku” (captain - Yevhen Ponomarenko), “Orion”  (captain - Dmitry Batyuk), “Bayraktar Helsinki” (captain - Valentin Burdin), FC “Red Viburnum Kotka” (captain - Oleksandr Novikov).

The first place was taken by the team "Cossacks Helsinki", the second place - "Inter Mamut Helsinki", the third place - "3 Time Turku". The best player is Oleksandr Sobko ("Cynical Banderas"). The best goalkeeper is Volodymyr Shimonchuk ("Cossacks").

The charitable contribution from each team for participating in the Tournament was 70 euros. The Finnish Fans' Federation also made donation. There was also a fair for the sale of products with Ukrainian symbols. All proceeds - 1,786 euros - will be used for humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

The tournament was supported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Finland.

More photos here.


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