The New Roaring 20s

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The Spotzer Speakeasy - an exclusive networking experience
Step back in History and experience
the Friedrichstrasse Train Station from the 1920s while we welcome the new roaring 20s

Networking and Dinner, in a city positively brimming with history, Berlin Friedrichstrasse train station stands out from the rest in terms of historical significance. Beginning in the 20’s it was known for Flappers and Fun, transitioning into a story more tragic during WWII.  It was then called the station of “Trains to Life – Trains to Death” and is now marked with a memorial to this history. 

During the cold war it became the most famous station because it was located entirely in East German and the only station serving trains between East and West Germany. There is also a monument at this at the station, which commemorates soldiers being killed by SS troops during the Battle of Berlin. 

After observing the history of this famous station we will step back in time to the area of Fun and Flapper, in a transformed train station hall in the 1920’s Style, located the Friedrichstrasse Train Station.  Partnered with Spotzer we will send you back in time, remembering the roaring 20’s as we finally begin the new 20’s.

All Berlin health and safety measures can be met in this architectural wonder.



Berlin Friedrichstrasse Train Station

S-Bahnbogen 203, Georgenstraße 203, 10117 Berlin


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