New #SpaceOfTrust for Global Ukrainians

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Welcome to our new global space #GlobalUA, an area of like-minded people we call #PeopleOfGood. This unique platform is the result of 5 years of work by a large team of people from all over the world, within the creation and development of the Global Ukrainians network.During this period, a large number of Ukrainian communities appeared in different countries and regions of the planet. Our Ukrainian leaders and our communities develop various social projects and business initiatives, work with local politicians and public opinion leaders, hold various protests and cultural festivals, promote Ukrainian brands and help find new business partners, invite Ukrainian children fro vacation, gather money and technical support to help our volunteers and veterans, …All of us are united by one thing - love for Ukraine. And a deep conviction that EuroMaidan gave Ukraine a unique chance to become a pioneer of the global world. We understand that the 21st century will definitely not be a repeat of the 20th century, because new information technologies have dramatically changed the behavior of people, their expectations and the key needs of citizens, the format of interaction of society with elites, and so on. We understand that the global world is a new challenge, but it is also full of new incredible opportunities !We are convinced that “direct digital democracy”, this is not just simple words, but real new trends in the development of new institutions of the 21st century. Scientists from around the world are talking about finding a model for a new paradigm, and for a number of reasons, Ukraine is today the most interesting and most progressive territory in the world in terms of developing a new paradigm for the new so-called “netwocracy based” (networking & democracy) global world !The concept of the new Global Ukraine App platform (iOS, Android, web and mobile web) was developed on the basis of these ideas and deep convictions. It is, in fact, the point of concentration of people, ideas and territories, brands and events, in short - the intellectual capital of modern Ukrainian nation. Ukrainian leaders and talented professionals, who are ready to share their global experience with all global-minded Ukrainians, whose heart breathes by a deep conviction – that the transformation and modernization of Ukraine are the basis of civilizational breakthrough and reloading of principles and rules of interaction of the world’s citizens.Systematic, effective communication and coordination of our actions is the basement for scaling our innovative ideas and for globalization of Ukrainian brands. Here everyone will find like-minded people and support, this is a great opportunity to tell the world about your initiatives and also to be the first to be aware of all the unique events planned within the network of Global Ukrainians.If you are also looking for like-minded people with whom it is easy and safe, who understands you with half a word, and who is always ready to support you (with few words and by some actions !) - then this #SpaceOfTrust was created just for you!