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The first large-scale VR eSports tournament at REALMATRIX took place on 12/12/2020. 100 participants competed for the main prize at this event.

The main prize was iPhone 11 Pro.

Everyone received an unforgettable experience and cool gifts from our partners!

In the final, the participants fought for the first place.

Competition final tournament table:

1️ Blackone - 240810 points

2️ Denamid - 228660 points

3️ Vyunak - 188520 points

4️ Roman77 - 177140 points

5️ Cat Dog - 164950 points

We thank the finalists and all the participants for such great results!

This event is the starting point for all of our future tournaments in 2021. Follow us on social networks and on the website to be the first to know all the details about the events!

In the meantime, we are waiting for you for training in VR to prepare for the upcoming competition.

Call us: + 38-0956-96-96-90,

+ 38-063-366-10-93


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