Actions #EmbraceUkraine Took Place in Europe

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On June 17, the European Commission recommended that Ukraine be granted European Union candidate status. The EU Council is due to consider the issue at its summit on June 23-24, 2022.

To show Ukraine's desire to become part of the Union, to support Kyiv at this time, Ukrainians in various European countries organized rallies within the #EmbraceUkraine campaign.

In particular, demonstrations this weekend took place in Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, and in The Hague (Netherlands) was held a concert.

"Ukraine is Europe! Today, Ukrainians are fighting not only for a free Ukraine, but also for a peaceful and democratic Europe. Our steadfast and courageous people have already demonstrated, both to Europe and to the world, that we are worthy of this and have won our right to become a candidate for the EU," said Ambassador of Ukraine to Lithuania Petro Beshta.

"Obtaining the status of an EU candidate country is important not only for the security of Ukraine and its prosperity, it is important for the unity of Europe," wrote Yuriy Chopyk, head of the Ukrainian community in Spain for the rights, honor and dignity of Ukrainians.


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