Action #terroRussia: Demonstrations Will Take Place in 60 Countries

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The #terroRussia campaign started in the world, which calls on political leaders to officially recognize russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

From July 13 to 30, rallies will be held in various cities near russian embassies, russian monuments or famous buildings that the local population associates with russia, reports the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security. The full list of demonstrations is here.

"This week, 60 rallies were held around the world, namely in 53 countries, with calls to recognize Russia as a terrorist state. Copenhagen is no exception. More than 400 people went to the streets of the Danish capital today. Most of the demonstrators were wearing black clothes, as a symbol victims of the war. The march was led by the symbolic "Ukraine", also in black clothes. She carried a sheaf of bloody wheat in her hands," the Association of Ukrainians in Denmark notes.

“We demand to recognize russia as a terrorist state. It should be kicked out of the UN, OSCE and every international organization. Complete isolation of russia and heavy weapons to Ukraine is the only way to bring peace and justice. russia dreamed of vanishing Ukraine, but has only reached the opposite: the world became blue and yellow”, Nordic Ukraine Forum informs.


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