A Look at Four Tech Startups That Thrived Through the Covid Crisis

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One would think that during the pandemic, tech startups would be hit especially hard. So many early-stage startups rely on investor funds to pay the bills while they build their products and then take them to market. Yet many startups have not only successfully managed through the crisis, but have thrived in the process.

In a blog post written for BFAGlobal.com, Nosa Omusi details how a few tech startups were able to navigate the path of the pandemic.


The first company featured in Omusi’s blog was Abalobi, a South Africa based company whose original platform was to provide a service to independent fishers that allowed them to sell their fish to local restaurants and cut out the middle man. However, one of the first things to go when lockdown hit, were restaurants. Abalobi was able to work around this by broadening their marketplace, now offering the ability to sell directly to consumers, markets, and soup kitchens. They have also introduced a delivery system in the greater Cape Town Area.


Up next is Ugandan startup, Asaak, which began as a financial app for bodaboda drivers, but yet again, when the pandemic hit, things went sour, and Asaak noticed that their driver clients income was way down, so they reemerged as a recruiting company almost, helping their drivers get other, similar jobs in e-commerce such as, food, cargo, and essential item delivery.

Keeping in with the financial theme, PesaKit, a service looking to increase earning opportunities for mobile money agents, is now also turning to e-commerce to expand business during the pandemic. PesaKit CEO, Andrew Mutua, introduced a new service called PesaKit Address, an e-commerce fulfillment solution that creates a place where agents' customers can purchase items much more fluidly and directly.

The BIG5D Podcast · Episode 10: Meghan McCormick, Co-founder & CEO, OZÉ

The final company featured is one we are quite familiar with, OZÉ, whose founder and CEO, Meghan McCormick, was recently featured on our podcast. OZE was created to provide detailed analytics and data for small businesses. But yet again, when the pandemic hit, most of their clients found their income shrink to nothing. OZE handled the adversity by offering business advice to its clients, and restructuring its system, allowing contracted clients to be given extra time and flexibility to pay for services. With all of this put together, the company has a bright future, with plenty of growth in sight.  


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