My partner and I founded WebsPlanet in 2004 with the firm belief that mass websites can and should be flexible, effective and easy to roll out. Our platform has since been evolving to meet our customers’ needs for a solid technology foundation that they can grow with. Today, the Eclipse is cutting-edge in its ability to empower our customers in the directories, hosting and Telco markets to quickly become choice Online Presence providers for their SMBs. Over the years, I have acquired and put-to-practice a high level of expertise in the emerging online needs of SMBs. Today, Online has become synonymous with accessible and now encompasses Mobile Presence, which is a pivotal component of our Online Presence offering. My extensive business and marketing experience has guided me in designing the WebsPlanet partnership business model, which ensures our customers’ long-term success as well as our own. As the CEO of WebsPlanet, I take pride in our hard-earned achievements and look forward to what lies ahead. Specialties: Specialize in SMB Online and Mobile Presence, company management and leadership, business development and marketing

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