George Leith is Chief Customer Officer and VP Sales at Vendasta, a Software-as-a-Service leader in digital and e-commerce business solutions for agencies and media companies. George is a renowned thought leader and visionary who gets results and builds high-performance marketing and sales teams that achieve outstanding performance. He is a leading trainer in the digital marketing space and has equipped media companies and agencies with the knowledge they need to survive and thrive. In 2020, George was recognized as a Top Gun 51 for his work to help channel partners all over the world as they transform their platforms into go-to customer models. George is a founding member of the Toronto Chapter of the Revenue Collective and an advisory board member of Cultivator Tech Incubator.George understands the challenges of moving local businesses to embrace digital. He has shared his knowledge as a keynote speaker with thousands of people across North America during conferences and seminars, helping businesses overcome the challenges of sales prospecting and moving to digital. He launched the Conquer Local podcast to share his sales, digital marketing, and local business expertise.

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