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Space Stranger's Challenge

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As a result of a hacker attack on the secret service's website some secret data leaked. It is now clear that a Spaceship was discovered on our Planet's orbit. The Extraterrestrial (known as the Space Stranger) contacted us and held a meeting with our scientists. It was recorded and has become publicly available.

We managed to find out that the Space Stranger arrived from the future in order to observe and study the earthlings' development level. In the nearest future, the elected representatives will get a chance to be on the Spaceship and make a trip to the Galaxy. The Space Stranger invites you to pass the tests. Based on its results they will choose those whom he can entrust the secret knowledge of the Universe and a valuable magic artifact.

Pass the tests from the Space Stranger and get access to the Spaceship. The most interesting awaits you onboard! The tests are based on your brain's neural activity assessment observed by the Space Stranger during the tests.

Pay attention to the signs and you will understand what to do, and the Space artifacts will be the best award!

P.S. You are reading this message, because you were chosen for the mission by representatives of the Space Stranger's Civilization. At any price you must be on the ship!

You will be equipped with the Future Synergy System that will help you to collect data.

From Monday to Friday you need to pass 10 tests (2 tests per day).

Be attentive, be in touch, pay attention to the signs and use the Future System.

In the meantime... Look for the first sign in the Space Stranger's message. This is your first test.


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