"Ozow Revolution" Designed to Make Payments More Inclusive

The South African payments platform Ozow has launched the "Ozow Revolution" a new program designed to make mobile payments more inclusive, according to a recent article in Disrupt Africa. 

To achieve this goal, Ozow has launched two new platforms. Ozapp is a progressive web application (PWA) that allows any consumer with a bank account or e-wallet to transact without a card through a QR-code enabled payment. Ozow PIN is designed to dramatically simplify electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments. 

A big step toward inclusions is zero-rating the data required to complete transactions on Ozapp. 

“We’re only just getting started with developing new innovations that enable more South Africans to enjoy the benefits of digital payments. As a business, we will continue to find ways to drive digital inclusion until every person on the African continent can make or receive safe, convenient digital payments,” CEO and Co-founder Thomas Pays told Disrupt Africa.

Ozow was launched in 2014 as i-Pay by current CEO Thomas Pays, Mitchan Adams, and Lyle Eckstein. The company rebranded to Ozow last year and pivoted to a focus on enabling SMEs to accept digital payments. 


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