Flutter: The Best Cross-Platform Framework For App Development with Top Flutter Companies
The obsession of being an entrepreneur is increasing these days, and with the rapidly evolving market, it has become daunting for all-level enterprises and businesses to have both websites and mobile applications to survive in this cut-throat competitive market. The days are left far behind when the businesses with only high revenue used to have space in Google’s Playstore and Apple’s App Store.
Research shows that there are 2.8 million apps available in the Google play store, and around 2.2 million apps exist in the Apple app store. This clearly reflects that mobile app development has become an urgent need for the business of all domains either they are of large or small size.
Let’s deep delve into this, and have a look at the stats below which focuses on the number of startups opening each year.
Now, as you just have realized the demand and importance of mobile applications, you might be wondering what could be the best platform for your app development which can run on multiple OS without any need to write its code multiple times?
A straight reply to this is Flutter. Flutter has left all other platforms like React Native, and Xamarin way behind and has been a primary choice for many of the startups in the market today. This piece will be quite useful for you if you need to take any effective tech decisions for the next project within your company.
Altogether, you will get to know why Flutter has become the best cross-platform framework for mobile app development and the benefits of using it in both the development and business process.

Flutter: Introduction

Flutter is an open-source cross-platform framework that is used to build robust, scalable, and high-performing mobile apps that can run on multiple Operating Systems. It was initially released in the year 2017 by Google that allows a developer to develop applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Google Fuchsia, and the web using a single codebase.
It is the only application framework that allows you to share both the UI code and UI itself. Flutter is one such platform that combines the ease of development with native performance while maintaining visual consistency across platforms. It’s just amazing!

Why should startups choose Flutter for their Mobile app development?

From the business perspective, flutter can be one of the best options to choose among the cross-platform frameworks. It is much obvious that a startup lacks the budget and always looks for a platform that can develop its application on multiple platforms that too at a low cost.
Also, if any startup company hires any developer who is familiar with languages like Java or JavaScript, then they can easily learn Flutter as it is based on Google’s in-house language Dart.
Here are some strong reasons why Startups should choose Flutter for app development:
Using a single code base, the Flutter developers can build apps for both the widely used major platforms, i.e Android and iOS. Therefore, the startups find this platform highly cost-effective and less time-taking as well.
Hot Reload
The Hot Reload feature of Flutter increases the time to market speed and allows the developers to view the changes in code in real-time.
Diverse IDE
The Flutter framework provides a diverse integrated development environment that includes Android code, Visual Studio Code, and Xcode.
Plugins Are Easy To Avail
Your startup can make the entire application development process smooth and flawless using the Flutter framework as it offers a wide range of plugins.
Low-Cost Development
The main reason for the startup companies to choose the Flutter framework over React Native is that their developers need to write only one codebase for running the application on multiple platforms.
Google’s Firebase
By using the Flutter framework, companies can be benefited from server-less and scalable apps as the framework supports Google’s firebase. So businesses using Flutter might find it helpful!
Less time for Testing
Applications developed using the Flutter framework requires less time for testing. Also, you don’t need to spend extra on hiring the testers as the QA expert can easily do the testing by checking only one version of the application. Moreover, there is less chance of bugs in the coding as the app has only a single codebase for both the platforms.
Now, that you are aware of the advantages of the Flutter framework and why startups usually prefer flutter for their application development.
It’s time to know what are the best flutter app development companies to outsource your application development in the Flutter framework.


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