BigFive Study Finds Pandemic Wreaking Havoc on Employment in the AME Local Ecosystem

A new survey from BigFive Digital has found that more than half (56%) of businesses in the Africa and Middle East local digital ecosystem have laid-off workers as a result of the pandemic. Only 5% of those surveyed indicated their companies have increased staff during the pandemic. 

The survey specifically asks, "What happened to your company’s workforce as a consequence of the pandemic?” A full 27% said they have made "significant layoffs". Another 29% reported making "modest" staff cuts as a result of the pandemic. 

The "Legacy of Lockdowns" study surveyed 342 respondents across media, banking, telecommunications, software, agencies, and other relevant sectors during July and August. Respondents represented MENA, East/Central Africa, Southern Africa, and West Africa. Nearly 75% of respondents represent companies that do business with SMMEs.

The respondents hold influential roles within their organizations. More than half (51.5%) held leadership (C-suite), sales, marketing, or product development roles. 


Other questions addressed in the survey include:

  • What happened to your company's customer base during lockdown?

  • What changes to your working practices do you expect to maintain after lockdown?
  • Howe long after restrictions are lifted do you predict that the commercial world will return to pre-pandemic levels?

  • And many more.


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