BIG5D.TV Episode 6 Preview: A Small Business Story

The next episode of BIG5D.TV features a conversation with Grant Greeff, a Cape Town-based entrepreneur, who founded eHire out of school, where he studies to become a chartered accountant. Grant discusses the hardships that COVID-19 imposed on his business and the hard choices he and his business partner have had to make in the wake of the lockdowns.

This episode of BIG5D.TV will premiere on Thursday, 17 September at 1400 South African Standard Time.

Grant, who spoke on a small-business panel discussion at the inaugural BigFive Summit, May 2019, in Cape Town, shares the experience of trying to keep afloat a business decimated by the pandemic. EHire is a service that allows consumers and businesses to book online all the elements of an in-person event -- from weddings to business networking events.

Going into the lockdowns, Grant and his co-founder were having the best year in the company's history. Once the lockdowns were imposed, their world was upended. 

"In February, before COVID hit, we had our best month," Grant says on the episode. "Everything was working like clockwork."

A Tale Shared by Thousands of SMMEs 

This episode offers an insider's view of what it's like to be confronted with catastrophic failure, caused by circumstances beyond your control. How do you make the tough choices? What kind of pivot can save you? Is the best thing to pack it in and start something new?

Tune in this week to hear Grant's story. It's a tale that will resonate with the thousands of South African entrepreneurs and small business owners undergoing the same struggle in the wake of COVID-19.

You can watch an episode preview here.


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