As the cousin to the famous comedian Richard Pryor, a sense of humor runs in the family — Jesse Ferrell is no exception. Audiences are routinely impressed by his ability to strike a balance between substance and entertainment, as evidenced by the crowds’ laughter and engagement. In fact, Harrah’s Entertainment, MGM Resorts International and RVC Outdoor Destinations voted Jesse Ferrell speaker of the year.In over three decades, Jesse has built relationships with Whoopie Goldberg, Bruce Willis, Muhamad Ali, Zina Garrisonand Charles Sampson. He’s got range: from actors to professional tennis players to world-champion bull riders, Jesse can impress.Jesse had his own radio show, “JessTalk Radio,” which was co-hosted with his wife Lisa Bybee-Ferrell. Their nextcreative move was their “Conversations” podcast, available now for download on iTunes. Always responding to the latest in technology and emerging communication platforms, Jesse & Lisa do a weekly “Facebook Live” show on Sunday called“Unleash Your Power & Ask.”Jesse authored the book, “How You Leave Them Feeling.” With his growing friendship with Louis Gossett Jr, Lou offeredto write the forward and Brian Tracy the celebrity speaker and author with his devoted mentorship to Jesse wrote a testimonial for his book. Brian is single handedly the man responsible for piquing Jesse’s interest in speaking andcoaching as a vocational choice more than 20 years ago.Jesse attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) on multiple academic scholarships where he earned two degrees in fine arts and hotel administration. He worked in the hospitality and gaming industry for 36 years, starting as a bus boy and moving to the highest levels of management as the Executive Director of Casino Marketing.He spent six years as an adjunct professor teaching senior-level casino marketing classes at UNLV. Jesse earnedhis coaching certification from Coach U in order to live out his purpose, invoking his best gifts and talents as a global player. He has been a catalyst for change, transforming people’s lives across the world. Jesse has logged over95,600 hours developing his expertise in speaking, coaching and educating others.

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