Alexis Madrigal is a contributing editor at The Atlantic where he writes about technology, science, business and trade. Previously, he was technology editor and deputy editor for, he launched their Technology Channel before moving on to Fusion where he was editor-at-large until moving back to The Atlantic.Alexis Madrigal is host of the Fusion podcast titled Containers. During this 8-part podcast documentary Alexis discusses how global trade has transformed the economy and our lives while he leads the listeners through the world of ships and sailors, technology and tugboats, warehouses and cranes.Alexis is author of Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Technology. His research has recovered amazing stories of green technological experimentation from the past. As Alexis explains, many of these moments were forks in the road on the way to our present society and they demonstrate what is possible. Chosen as Required Reading by Outside magazine.Formerly, Alexis followed science and technology for and was a major contributor to its blog Wired Science. During his tenure there, he helped build Wired Science into the largest science blog in the world, with millions of visitors per month. Wired Science was nominated for best magazine blog by the Magazine Publishers of America and Best Science Website in the 2009 Webby Awards. He was a major part of's 2008 Webby award for "Best Writing" and he hosted the popular Wired Science video podcast. His article, "Telegraphs Ran on Electric Air in Crazy 1859 Magnetic Storm", is included in The Best Technology Writing 2010 issue (Yale University Press). Alexis is also co-creator of Haiti Rewired, a collaborative community focused on technology and infrastructure solutions for the future of Haiti.With Sarah Rich, Alexis cofounded The San Francisco Post-Chronicle, a wiki dedicated to building a new model for the daily news organization of the future, as a response to the problems facing his own home newspaper, The San Francisco Chronicle. He can speak on the future of journalism.He is a leading writer with a unique and hopeful perspective on green technology and its business potential. Trained as an analyst, he is defining how technology is changing human beings' brains, consumption patterns, and environments.From a completely different point of departure than other thought leaders in the field, Alexis looks at the history of past alternative energy breakthroughs. He is the leading authority on this lost history in America - why these innovations have been forgotten, what we can learn from them, and how that history can help us build a greener future.

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