Cloud Solutions Architect in the Microsoft One Commercial Partner team. I help you design, create and deliver amazing applications and services in the cloud and on your devices, I'm based out of Long Island in New York and travel to customers as and when needed to work on Architectural Designs, Envisioning Sessions, Hackfests and work with customers to create Proof of Concepts through to release products using our services. I LOVE working with my customers and having the ability to share my passion and help customers achieve their dreams makes my job very fulfilling.I LOVE programming, designing and creating new ideas and concepts, especially taking on challenging issues which force me to learn something on a very low level. I've been really lucky in my career and have worked on some amazingly cool technologies in wide range of languages.I like to get involved in open source as much as I can and over the years have had the pleasure of contributing to many open source projects and in a few cases contributing complete components including a MP3 ID3 header identification system and the ASP.NET AJAX toolkit Asynchronous File Upload Control.Outside of my day to day job I'm just as much of a geek, I'm a massive fan of smart homes and have been automating my home, TV and other connected devices for over 10 years now. I love photography, write what I'm sure is very amateur poetry and short stories and spend a my free time right now researching and learning Quantum Physics, Quantum Computing, AI and Mixed and Virtual Reality.If you want to geek talk with me or have me present at an event for you, I'm always very happy to do this if my schedule permits.

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Cloud Solutions Architect