I am a digital media executive with a 20-year track record of developing products that create value for consumers and ecosystems through the use of technology. I have extensive P&L and general management skills combined with functional expertise in strategy, product management, and business development.A key focus of my career is the driving of dramatic growth in user engagement and revenue/profits for my products. Select examples:- At Xbox LIVE, I played a leadership role in driving the transformation of Xbox from a game console to an entertainment platform. Resulting in the doubling of usage of the service. - The two advertising business I led at Microsoft (Xbox, Communications & Windows) both grew by 70% in 1-2 years.I achieved these results by being a strong leader who defines the strategy and then executes in the trenches with my team. I have repeatedly built high performing organizations, both small and large. I have also effectively enlisted internal and external stakeholders in my initiatives. Select examples:- Inherited a ~180 person organization as GM of Xbox Entertainment & Advertising and drove an extensive re-organization that significantly improved efficiency and allocated resources to strategic investment areas- Led the successful evangelization and securing of +100 entertainment service providers for Xbox Entertainment App platformI pride myself on being an innovator. Developing and executing creative strategies that better serve customers. Select Examples:- Conceived and led the negotiation of the Netflix partnership with Xbox. The first distribution agreement between Netflix and a 3rd party device in the industry.- Led the development and release of NUads, an innovative video ad product that utilizes Kinect to dramatically increase consumer engagement with a traditional 30-second spot

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