Go Getter | Protector | Visionary | Ambivert | Driven | Competitive | Creative | Balanced | Original | Energetic | Intellectually Honest20+ years combined product management, marketing, business development, and operations experience with GIS, geospatial Web services & geographic data, wireless location infrastructure and e911, messaging systems, mobile consumer electronics, mobile software, and operations. I built four API products, ecosystems around APIs, three SaaS offers, Mobile Phones, two Messaging Systems, and a street-level remote sensing system. I LEARN. Informed by data, scientific methods, and OODA loops, I am curious, ask questions and I listen. I don't presume to know everything and if I don't know the answer, I try to find one! Rather than making assumptions (and decisions) based on knowing what once worked, I test hypotheses, orient findings around current environmental realities, and then move to solve customer or partner problems and/or create things that make a difference for people now and into the future. I TEACH.I teach (and give back) what I learn. I MAKE A DIFFERENCEI gravitate towards big picture missions and rally around ideas and products that make a difference for my customers and partners! Their success = my success. I INNOVATE. Innovation & entrepreneurial pursuits are my approach to life (and work). I'm a dot connector. I Do! I Ride. I Find. I Dig. I Discover. I fish. I boat. I camp. I hike. I bike. I look. I ideate. I plan. I execute. I build. I research. I analyze. I design. I manage. I monitor. I measure. I write. I present. I speak. I pitch. I raise. I partner. I ally. I market. I sell. I negotiate. I observe. I orient. I decide. I act. I persevere. I pivot. I finish.

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Director of Product Management