As Chairman and Chief Brand Officer of American-made gift manufacturer Wendell August Forge headquartered north of Pittsburgh, PA, Will Knecht weaves together the fascinating, true story about the refining fire that could have destroyed his business and its people, but by the grace of God instead became a catalyst for new thinking and new opportunities. He will also share tangible ways his thinking and that of the company has changed since this refining fire.Earnest and plainspoken, Will compels his listeners to look differently at setbacks and trials, seeing them as the gateways to breakthrough success. He keynotes events and encourages Christian business executives across the country to live the victorious life Christ has won for us. Will graduated from Wake Forest University in 1988 and lives in Wilmington, NC. He Has three children, Jared, 26, Cameron, 21, and Claire, 16. He is very involved in his local church as a Sunday School teacher and mentors young men and his passion is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

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