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Kevin A. Henry has been blessed to enjoy an amazing career over the last thirty years! Byany standard, his contributions over the years to the organizations he has been employedby, the communities where he has lived and to the people, he has influenced have been bothtransformative and lasting.For most of his career, Kevin has been a “first” and/or an “only” blazing the trail for many tofollow and creating countless opportunities for others to walk in their passion whilerealizing their full potential.Kevin gained residency in the C-suite in 1997 at the age of 29 as the Chief Human ResourcesOfficer for Nationwide Credit Incorporated (NCI) a subsidiary of First Data Corporation. Inthis assignment, Kevin found himself to be the first African American executive in theCompany’s history and the youngest member of a seasoned industry team. After only a yearinto this assignment, Kevin, the CEO, COO and SVP of Operations decided to purchase NCIand orchestrated a private equity buyout of the company from First Data. In addition toleading human resources, he became an owner of the corporation.In 2001, Kevin was recruited by Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated as Chief HumanResources Officer. Once again, Kevin was the first African American C-Suite executive in theCompany’s history as well as one of the youngest at 33 years of age. Over the next nineyears, Kevin was intricately involved in developing a platform for growth through thedevelopment of human capital and business strategies that has resulted in CokeConsolidated positioning itself as the largest Coca Cola bottler in the United States. Inaddition to his role as Chief Human Resources Officer, Kevin served as Assistant to thePresident during his tenure with Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated.As the Corporation’s most senior African American executive, Kevin mentors dozens ofexecutives and champions the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.Born in Queens and raised on Long Island, New York, Kevin earned his “Ivy” in 1989 upongraduation from Cornell University’s world-renowned School of Industrial and LaborRelations. He is a member of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity – Beta Delta Boulé and the NorthCarolina Guardsmen.Kevin and his wife Tina a community developer and philanthropist have two sons, bothof whom are part of the remarkable graduating Class of 2020! Tyler, like his Dad,graduated from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Taylorgraduated from The Charlotte Latin School and will be attending the Carroll School ofManagement at Boston College. Kevin and his family reside in Charlotte, North Carolinawhere they attend Central Church of God.Kevin currently serves on the Board of Life Lead International and is Vice Chairman of theBoard of Trustees of Johnson C. Smith University. Kevin also recently served on theadvisory boards of Cornell University School of Industrial Labor Relations and Wake ForestUniversity School of Business – Charlotte CampusThanking God for his many blessings, Kevin is intentional about investing his time, talentand treasure in the communities where he has lived and worked. Kevin is past Chairman ofthe Board of Directors of the Urban League of Central Carolinas, Charlotte Latin Day School,Johnson C. Smith University’s Board of Visitors and the Charlotte Chamber’s BlackProfessional Network. He is a former Board Member of Samaritans Feet International,Urban League of Central Carolinas Bank, Junior Achievement, Queens University’s McCollSchool of Business, The Harvey B. Gantt Center, The DJ Dream Fund, The Charlotte RegionalVisitors Authority and Teach for America and has served as an advisor for both TheCharlotte Chapter of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resourcesand PRIDE Magazine.

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