Co-founder and CTO of the Chicago based web and mobile app development powerhouse TangoCode. As a woman in the tech sector it is essential to not only create a diverse and progressive culture within my own company but also promote diversity within the tech community.I believe in continuous learning and improvement, that there is always a faster, more efficient way to complete a process. This belief has led myself and TangoCode into digital marketing reporting and automation where we create custom platforms to make companies more efficient and help them provide better value to their clients. Digital Marketing is a very competitive and ever-changing industry; to be an industry leader agencies need to be on the forefront of innovation. We use our industry expertise to guide companies through the process of aligning their technology strategy with their business objectives.One of my efforts to create opportunities for women, is a collaboration with the tech incubator called 1871 in Chicago and the Metropolitan Chicago YWCA. The program engages women, minorities and veterans in an eight-week project based course that teaches mobile application development skills. After completing the course participants have a more marketable skill set as skilled employees or as entrepreneurs.

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