With over 15 years online marketing experience,I'm highly passionate for e-commerce, online sales generation and digital marketing.I believe the digital age has given small businesses as much opportunity as large corporations to showcases their quality products and services.I love helping them succeed in an ever-changing, highly-competitive marketplace.I enjoy high pressure,fast-paced environments I love what I do - I look forward to Monday mornings and it's just as furious on Friday afternoons! I'll do what it takes to get things done.I challenge myself to identify inefficiencies and then innovate for improvements.Success comes from clear communication, attention to detail, follow up and having the right people who believe what you believe.I have a strong conviction of 'why' I do things and that has always helped me effectively determine the 'what' things I do and the 'how' I do them.I've been fortunate to experience many different roles in my career - consultant, internet marketer, SME,project manager,entrepreneur,translator,researcher,salesperson,trainer,presenter,negotiator,hiring coordinator,manager and strategist.My experience has help me relate to others and identify self-motivated individuals, who when inspired have done great things. True leadership is not just leading, it is inspiring others to realize their potential and go for it!I love my family, reading, learning, piano, sports,competition, and seeing new places.Life is all about the people - it's a lonely world on your own!

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