I am the Co-founder of Infobel, the first telephone directory published on the web. Since 1994 I hold the position of Managing Director of my company, based in Brussels. I own also a company called Oakland Invest that is specialized in seeds capital investements for Internet and mobile projects. Previously, based in Falls Church Virginia, I was managing and operating an import/export business between the US and Europe. I hold a Master degree in business and international sciences and a teaching degree from the ICHEC Brussels Management School. In 2010 I joined the Board of the EASDP (the European Association of Search and Database Publishers). I hold several positions in various charities and was recently elected as city Councillor of the City of Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Belgium and Police-board member of the Police zone Rhode-Saint-Genèse/Linkebeek/Drogenbos. I have also been elected as President of the City Environment Commission. Specialties: My area of expertise: Entrepreneurship, Business development, Fast growing industries, Internet/Mobile Industry.

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